Olive park & Ecological mill

Located halfway between the charming cities of Pafos and Limassol, with awe-inspiring views of the Troodos mountain range to the north and overlooking the glistening waters of Episkopi Bay to the south, lies the enchanting Olive Park Oleastro. This extraordinary park is nestled just 3 kilometers past the delightful village of Anogyra, renowned for its preserved traditional heritage and culture.

What makes Olive Park Oleastro truly unique is its celebration of over 60,000 years of olive civilization. Immerse yourself in a world of ancient extraction techniques, time-honored farming practices, captivating excavations, and the artistic portrayal of the olive tree. Discover the various professions related to the olive, the role of olives and olive oil in the Mediterranean diet, and the rich customs, traditions, history, and mythology surrounding this cherished crop.

While younger visitors delight in the playground, the artists’ corner, and the park’s friendly animals, guests of all ages can relish in the wonders of the Olive Museum, indulge in the delectable offerings at the restaurant, and peruse the gift shop specializing in unique olive products.

The Olive Park Oleastro also boasts a visitors’ center and an ecological olive mill. During the harvest season, from mid-October to February, visitors can observe the actual olive oil extraction process in action. Our ecological olive mill proudly utilizes the latest Green technology, incorporating cold pressing with millstones, to produce olive oil of the highest quality. As the only mill certified to the IS022000 (food safety and hygiene), ISO9001 (quality), and IS014001 (environmental protection) standards in Cyprus, our olive oil retains all its nutritional elements, original flavor, aroma, color, and polyphenols.