Our Story

Once upon a time, in the sun-soaked embrace of Cyprus, a vision was born that would change the way people saw the olive tree. In 2003, Oleastro Enterprises Ltd emerged with a mission as old as time itself: to celebrate the olive tree and its precious gift, olive oil, in a way that honored tradition, nature, and the spirit of innovation.

Andreas and Lina Ellinas, the visionary couple behind Oleastro, were often lovingly called ‘romantic fools’ by their friends. But their love was not just for each other; it was for the olive tree, the Mediterranean diet, and the rugged beauty of Cyprus’s countryside. To them, these were the heartbeats of authentic Cyprus, and they couldn’t bear to see them forgotten.

With their children Daniel and Natalie by their side, they embarked on a journey that would redefine their lives and bring a touch of magic to Cyprus’s landscape. Their dream took shape in the form of Olive Park Oleastro, an enchanting haven where the olive tree’s rich history came alive.

Outdoor themes celebrated the olive tree’s role in healing and nourishing generations of Cypriots for thousands of years. The park’s pathways whispered stories of resilience, endurance, and the wisdom of the land. Here, the ancient olive tree was not just a tree; it was a living monument to Cyprus’s heritage.

Indoors, a world of wonder unfolded. A state-of-the-art ecological olive mill, complete with traditional mill stones, breathed life into the olive’s essence. A museum invited visitors to step back in time, tracing the olive’s journey through the ages. A restaurant crafted dishes that paid homage to the Mediterranean diet’s exquisite flavors. A store brimmed with olive products, each carrying a piece of Cyprus’s soul.

In a cozy video room, the olive tree’s story played out on screens, weaving a tale of tradition and innovation, old and new. Bottling and storage facilities ensured that Oleastro’s olive oil reached homes around the world, carrying with it the legacy of a family’s love affair with the olive tree.

Oleastro Enterprises Ltd wasn’t just a company; it was a testament to unwavering commitment – to quality, to innovation, to diversification, and to the beautiful tapestry of the olive tree’s journey. It was a vision turned reality, a dream lived by a family that believed in the magic of the Mediterranean, one olive at a time.

Today, Oleastro stands as a testament to the enduring love story between the Ellinas family and the olive tree. It’s a place where history, innovation, and nature converge, inviting all who visit to savor the timeless charm of the olive tree and the spirit of authentic Cyprus.