Private Label

Private Label Olive Oil:

Your Signature Blend, Our Expertise

At Oleastro Olive Oil, we offer you the opportunity to create your own private label olive oil, a unique blend that carries your brand and reflects your distinct flavor profile. Whether you’re a business, restaurant, retailer, or distributor, our private label program allows you to showcase your individuality while delivering exceptional quality to your customers. Explore how you can elevate your brand with our private label olive oil.

Why Choose Private Label Olive Oil from Oleastro?

Tailored to Your Brand:

With our private label program, you have complete control over the branding and packaging of your olive oil. Create a label that represents your business and communicates your brand’s values.

Quality Assurance:

Oleastro Olive Oil is renowned for its exceptional quality and flavor. When you choose to private label with us, you’re leveraging our expertise and dedication to quality to ensure that your brand reflects the best in olive oil.

Diverse Selection:

Customize your private label olive oil by selecting from our range of olive oil types, including extra virgin, virgin, and other varieties, to craft a unique flavor profile that aligns with your brand.

Who Can Benefit from Private Label Olive Oil?

Restaurants and Caterers:

Elevate your dining experience by offering customers an exclusive olive oil with your restaurant’s logo and flavor.


Build brand loyalty among your customers by providing them with a unique, private label olive oil that they can’t find anywhere else.


Offer your clients a premium, private label product that sets them apart in the market, while leveraging our expertise in olive oil production.

How to Create Your Private Label Olive Oil

Creating your private label olive oil is a seamless process with Oleastro:


We’ll work closely with you to understand your branding goals and flavor preferences. Together, we’ll craft a unique blend that aligns with your vision.

Label Design:

Design a label that showcases your brand’s identity. Our team can assist with label design and customization to ensure it meets your standards.


Once your blend and label are finalized, we’ll produce your private label olive oil to the highest quality standards.


Choose from a variety of packaging options, including bottles, tins, and more, to further personalize your product.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Private Label Journey

Private label olive oil offers a unique opportunity to differentiate your brand and provide your customers with a one-of-a-kind product. At Oleastro Olive Oil, we’re committed to helping you create a signature blend that represents your brand’s values and delivers exceptional quality.

Contact us today to discuss your private label olive oil project. Let us be your partner in crafting an olive oil that is uniquely yours—a blend that reflects your brand’s essence and delights your customers.

Elevate your brand with private label olive oil from Oleastro and showcase your distinct flavor profile. Contact us today to begin your journey toward a signature blend that bears your brand’s name.